im tempted

I’ve done it before and they didn’t do anything special :/ 


im tempted

I’ve done it before and they didn’t do anything special :/ 






What the hell is that?

Austrailia what have you done

You can basically just assume, without even knowing what this thing is, that it is from Australia.



On a collective level, the mistreatment of female sex workers by police, johns and society represents a vicious form of sexism and misogyny. Sex workers’ customers, the vast majority of whom are men, may be vilified by their spouses or communities when it is discovered that they regularly visit or have visited sex workers, but this behavior is treated as an individual act, not a condemnation of the man’s entire existence.

Women, on the other hand, are treated as if sex work is not just their “job” or even their “crime,” but their entire existence. Police officers and judges don’t treat sex workers as women who have violated a law, they treat them as “prostitutes,” actually often referring to them in much cruder terms. Likewise for johns who see them only as bodies or specific body parts at that; and for the homeowners or angry wives who want them out of their neighborhoods, seeing them as eyesores, temptresses or carriers of disease rather than human beings.

This societal treatment of sex workers on the moral level is mirrored on the judicial level, where sex workers bear the brunt of the criminal justice system while johns usually get off relatively lightly. In 2002, the Chicago police department made 4,486 arrests for prostitution-related offenses. That included 953 john-related arrests and 67 arrests for pimping/pandering, so with the exception of some men arrested for male prostitution, women were arrested at about four times the rate men were.

Facts About Prostitution - Sex Workers & Civil Rights

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still waiting on the number of people concern blogging this who follow sex worker blogs/engage with actual sex workers on interpersonal levels at all… waiting… waiting…

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100% on all this

but you don’t have to follow/constantly engage to give a shit. This isn’t about merit badges or earned honor.

I used to follow a LOT of this shit ,but yu know what? I’m fucking unmedicated and stressed as shit and trying to hold my own life together.

You can signal boost and do your part and also ,you know, not guilt trip people for not following a certain blog.

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And they never consider some of the forces that both push and/or keep women in sex work. And they don’t care because they’ve been stripped of identity and given the label “whore” etc

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HAS EVERYONE SEEN THIS? This happened recently. The story goes that this father was playing outside with his kids and went to go talk to this guy(the white man), because he was shooting his guns  in the area where they were playing. The white man came over and shot him in the head FOR NO REASON. Did the same thing to the wife WHILE THE KIDS WERE WATCHING. Swear, white people don’t give a damn anymore about being discrete. This is why we need to tighten gun laws. This why we need to have a predominantly ethnic (People of Color) police force and investigation unit to combat this crap. We wonder why the Black Panther is calling for the death of George Zimmerman, but think about it. They grew up in a time where a white man could lynch you or kill you IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, and go about their  business as if nothing even happened. We are now devolving back to a time where prosperity, peace, and higher knowledge will not come because whites feel as if they are being oppressed (meaning they don’t get to be superior to people of color anymore *white tears*)

I need everyone to either reblog this post or copy and paste the link so we can bring national attention to this story. It’s about time we make this an issue.

Oh god damn it.

Of course this happened in NC.

JFC. Guaranteed if it was a black dude killing a white guy, this would be ALL OVER THE FUCKING NEWS.

BRB, setting everything on fire.


Consent is the most important part of sex. Without consent it’s not sex, it’s rape. The problem is that the concept of consent is so vague and we really aren’t taught what consent means, or how to get it. Especially in our culture that is so hyper sexual while also being so sexually oppressed. We’re commonly told “boys will be boys” and “girls don’t really like sex, but have to put up with it” while also ignoring that rape isn’t always a man attacking a woman and that anyone can be raped or be a rapist.

The first part of consent is it needs to be verbal. Yes, there are ways to non-verbally consent but this can lead to confusion on the part of your partner. Unfortunately body language isn’t so easily translatable, and a lot of times people think that their partner has given non-verbal consent when they really haven’t. Asking and giving consent doesn’t have to be awkward. It can just be something as simple as “I want to fuck/make love to you, what do you think?”, “ You make me so hot, I just want to have sex with you. Now?”, “Want me to eat you out? I love the way you taste.” You can make asking and giving consent sexy and part of your sexy times. Especially when it comes to S&M, consent is a big deal. You need to come up with a safe word that breaks the mood. If you use anything that impedes your speaking capabilities you need to come up with some sign that can work as the safe word.

 Another thing that’s very important is you can’t just ask for consent once, you have to keep asking it. You have to ask it at every level “Can I touch you there?” “I want to suck your cock, can I?” “Are you up for sex?” “Can we try anal?” “How do you feel about BDSM?” Communication is a HUGE part of relationships and sexuality. It’s a really good thing to talk about what you’re not comfortable with and what things you find erotic. Even if someone’s agreed to something in the past, make sure they’re still up for it now. Even if you’re married or have been together for years you have to keep asking for consent. Your partner might lose the mood partway through or change their mind. You have to make sure that they’re okay with it every step of the way and if they aren’t you have to back off.

The next part of consent is that we have to empower people to say no. It’s okay to say no, for any reason. “I have a headache”, “I have to get up early tomorrow”, “I’m not in the mood”, “I need to wash my hair”, “I’m too tired”, “We just had a fight”, “I don’t know you”, “I’m not ready”. Any reason to not have sex is a good reason; just make sure you’re being open and totally honest about your feelings. If anyone starts doing any contact you’re not comfortable with, tell them! You won’t hurt their feelings, you won’t make them feel bad. Chances are they don’t want to have sex unless you’re 100% into it and if they feel otherwise you don’t need to be with them. Tell your partners what you want, you don’t have to wait for them to ask. It’s you’re right to get the kind of sex or sexual activity that you want, so speak up! Even if your partner is in the groove if they start to go into something you don’t want, let them know. If you change your mind about it half way through that’s okay. Just tell them.

Another part of consent is to make sure your partner CAN give consent. If they’ve been using alcohol or drugs their judgment can be impaired and you DON’T want them to wake up the next morning regretting what happened. Even if they say they want to do it, they might not really know what they’re agreeing to. Likewise, if they are in an unstable emotional state where you aren’t comfortable with having sex with them (like if they’re angry or upset and just want sex to make themselves feel better) it’s okay to turn them down. If they are asleep or unconscious in any way, they cannot consent to sex. Do not try to convince any person to have sex with you. If they say no once then you back off and don’t ask them again. Do not try to manipulate anyone into having sex with you by bribing them or guilt tripping them. Don’t say “well I did such and such for you, you have to pay me back” If you’re doing nice things for a person just for them to do things you want them to do you are a jerk. Likewise, if someone tries this on you don’t fall for it! Anyone who truly cares about you would not pull this stunt.

If you’re attracted to someone younger than you, take a moment. Why are you attracted to this person? Is it because of their body? Is it because they like or even look up to you? If it’s any of these reasons, back off. (Unless they are above the age of consent and all they want is a one night stand) If you’re attracted to someone because of common interests and a similar philosophy it’s okay to continue seeing them. Don’t get intimate with them right away though. Make sure that you’re at similar maturity levels and that they fully understand what it is like to be in a mature relationship. If you’re pursuing someone who is under the age of consent know that it is illegal. That doesn’t just mean that you can be sent to jail, but you will also have that over your head your entire life. You will have to inform all your neighbors you are a sex offender. There are certain housing companies and even towns that won’t allow you to live there. In some places sex offenders have to form communes out in the middle of nowhere without electricity or plumbing because they aren’t allowed in city limits. Is that really worth having sex with a 16 year old?

The last part of consensual sex is safe sex. Always use protection and always use full disclosure. If you have an STD or STI you really need to let your partner know. I know that it can be an awkward conversation and it can be difficult to know when the right moment to tell them is. The only right moment is before you start planning to have sex with them. Just say “Hey, I just thought I should let you know if we’re continuing this, I have an STD.” Take it as an opportunity to educate them if they have any misconceptions about STDs/STIs. It’s important to always use protection when you have sex anyway, so really an STD doesn’t change much. They do need to know how to be extra careful when it comes to things that specifically pass that STD/STI. They need to know how to protect themselves as well as how to be there for you. Especially if you have a virus that’s reoccurring, they’ll need to know what you’re comfortable with when you’re having a breakout or expression. They can also help take care of you when you’re sick.

Anytime you want to have sex it needs to be consensual. Make sure to create an environment where everyone’s comfortable enough to be honest and open. Make sure everyone is comfortable enough to ask for consent and to give consent. Be able to share your wants and desires, and be open to your partner’s wants and desires. Make sure that sex is as safe and fun as you can make it. Sex should be enjoyable for everyone and you need to be ready to do anything in your power to make it so!

It’s too bad she won’t live. But then again, who does?

Walt Disney: The Story of Menstruation, 1946.